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Is this Dell model good at emulating pcsx2?
Well, and what about the 1.8GHz, will it be able to run it at full or playable speed at native res?

Also, some other people told me the 2.4 will still struggle with it.

It ran on my i3 TOSHIBA but ran very slow, not even playable!! will this i7 1.8GHz behave the same with it?
It's OK, it doesn't matter if not at full speed, all matters is that I can run the game at reasonable and playable speed.

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The U model i7s don't even have 4 cores and will probably struggle running pcsx2, especially if you like having a web browser or anything else open while you play. None of the Dell branded laptops have decent processors in them, you'll have to shell out for the Alienware label if you want to emulate the ps2 on a Dell laptop.

Or you can spend half that building a competent i5 desktop and be able to run the bitchiest games full speed in software mode while recording and doing stuff in the background.
I see.
I am pretty sad! Sad
So this dell is exactly similar to my i3 TOSHIBA?

The U i7 one is a 2 core and the i3-M 380 one is also a 2 core, so there will no be any difference when emulating pcsx2?
(04-03-2014, 03:47 AM)BlackCitadel Wrote: But many people advised me to stay away from HP laptops, I wonder why?

HP PCs in general are bloated with useless programs and "HP update" which is just windows update with an HP logo..

Also (though not important for laptops) they FORCE you to use a specific set of hardware, and the machines won't use upgraded stuff (at least in my experience): a new GPU won't work on it, you can't upgrade the PSU or CPU.. the ONLY thing that seems to work is you can upgrade the RAM on the pc, that's about it
Yaaay, Thanks to your pcsx2 guide, Dragon Quest 8 now running at 60 FPS on my i3 laptop.
I used native resolution.

It is running at FULL speed!!! Smile
Is it the version of pcsx2 that improved the FPS for that game?
I am using pcsx2 (svn)

I remembered one day, it was running on 10 FPS.

So, running it on that Dell will even be greater in that case?

But I wonder why is it running at full speed now? 50-60 FPS woooow!!
May because I was running it on "Software" mode on "GS"??
I am now running it on "Direct3D11 (Hardware)".
This is the reason...
When I run the game on "Direct3D11 (Software)" mode, the game runs at 3 FPS.
And when I run it on "Direct3D11 (Hardware)" mode, it runs at 40-60 FPS

What is the difference between "Software" and "Hardware" mode? Smile

When the game lags during town cut-scenes, I manage to get rid of this lag by enabling speed hacks. Smile
newest PCSX2 runs fastest

software mode uses the CPU for emulation of graphics, hardware uses the GPU (nvidia/ATI card)
Software mode is for people with desktop i5s or people desperate to troubleshoot something. It basically has gsdx sit and chew one processor core and most laptop processors are pretty anemic about per core performance unless they suck down power like a desktop chip.
I noticed when I run it on "Software" mode, it runs at 20 FPS and the processor doesn't get hot and the fan doesn't spin as well.
And when I run it on "Hardware" mode, I can play it at FULL speed at 60 FPS, but the processor starts to get hot and the fan spins as well.

So "Software" mode doesn't use the CPU?? while "Hardware" does?

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