Is this laptop strong enough?
Pretty much only would play kingdom hearts games on it anyway.

This EEE is playing FFX at 25-40fps, and i think FFX runs a little slower then kh1/2.

This laptop seems to be alot stronger.. do you think it could run kh games at 60fps?

the eee pc he used has
1.6ghz atom
1gb ram

the laptop has:
2.0ghz athlon II dual core
3gb ram
ATI 4100

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You probably still won't get full speeds with that laptop. The CPU is still a bit low frequency-wise, and integrated graphics is not good.

You can search up the Screenshots/Videos thread for Kingdom Hearts experiences with certain hardware configurations.

I just did a quick search and this post seems somewhat close to what you would get:

With a 1.6Ghz Core 2 Duo and GMA 950 integrated graphics card, the poster got 30-50FPS with speed hacks and native resolution. Your specs would be slightly better, so I'd expect something like 35-60 FPS?
[Image: yunacopy.jpg]
You got a moderate laptop for PCSX2 .. hence you can't aspect a lot of game in full speed. The problem is your CPU is moderate to emulate but you got a good enough GPU. Furthermore, several aspect such as plugin and PCSX used in that video is quite OLD.

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