Is this normal behavior with SPU2-X
If the Synchronizing mode is set to Async mix,the game will become a lot slower if you use No Sound module.If you set the Synchronizing mode to TimeStretch then setting the output module to no sound,doesn't decrease the speed

This is the second game I notest this(the other is .Hack all first 4 games).
On Ar Tonelico 2 for example...Croix house second floor:

Async + No Sound + No hack enabled = 28fps
Async + XAudio 2 + No hacks enabled = 58fps
TimeStretch + No Sound + No hack enabled = 55fps
TimeStretch + XAudio 2 + No hack enabled = 55fps


Async + No Sound + Recommended hacks = 40fps
Async + XAudio 2 + Recommended hacks = 192fps
TimeStretch + No Sound + Recommended hacks = 150fps
TimeStretch + XAudio 2 + Recommended hacks = 145fps

I know that it says "Breaks some games" but is this speed problem also in the "Breaks some games" category?

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Yes, behaviour with Async mixing is pretty much undefined.
Depending on the audio driver the game uses, anything could happen.
(We just hope it plays nicely, which most of the time, it does Wink )

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