Iso file is a folder
so I downloaded something was supposed to be a Hack//G.U. Iso. but looked more like this

a friend of mine told me that this is what the inside of an iso file is supposed to look like. my question is if there is a way to launch this etc..?

Thanks for the help : D

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So you're saying that you're trying to download games? If so, prepare to get your thread locked and a warning from an Admin because this website does not support piracy. PCSX2 was not made with the intent to help pirates play games illegally.

To use PCSX2 you must own a PS2 and the games you play. That means you must get the bios from your own PS2 and play your games either from the CD itself or rip them to your computer. That means you must own a PS2 console and the games you play.

It's obvious from your screenshot that you're torrenting games. Sorry, no support will be given.

Read the rules, specifically rule #1.

Furthermore, it's posted at the top of the General Discussion category itself - "You will NOT ask for a BIOS, ISO (or pirated copy of a game) or how / where to download them". That should be a good enough hint even if you wouldn't read forum rules.

The Admins don't appear to be online right now which is the only reason I even bothered to reply. Otherwise, I would have let them answer for you. I only do this to keep you from spending your time at your computer pressing F5 all day waiting for support that is not coming your way.

You're welcome and goodbye.
Blame the idiot who uploaded the torrent, which is the disc content instead of the iso image.
Dear pirate :
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(06-06-2012, 05:50 AM)Livy Wrote: Blame the idiot who uploaded the torrent, which is the disc content instead of the iso image.

Actually, I blame both idiots :
- the one who uploaded
- the one who doesnt comply to the rules even if he accepted them.

anyways, closed & warned for piracy
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