Iso file (nvm about iso now) and a new problem
what is that? I got a game for ps2, but there is no Iso file. what should i do?
Nevermind about that. look what i'm getting now.
[Image: ua4qb.png]

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You haven't configured your CDVD plugin correctly. If you are running from a disc you need to use either PeopsCDVD or Gigaherz CDVD (and configure them to the proper drive letter to read from)
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My CDVD is linuz ISO. I'm not running it from CD. What should i do then?
Where are you running it from then? An ISO file? It could be corrupt try remaking it
Oh and if you have the ISO mounted with any program, unmount it first
[Image: newsig.jpg]
yes, i'm running it from ISO file. i've made it with Free ISO Creator (didn't know how to make it anyway other).
Hm try using imgburn to make it. Are you getting any errors from the emulator? (except the crash error)
[Image: newsig.jpg]
No, only this crash.
Please post your CD/DVD plugin configuration, as far as I remember that error is a mis-configuration. Just take a screenshot or something.
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This one? If something else tell me.. I'll edit my post.
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oh and bositman, i've made ISO file with that program, but still same.
What game is it? have you tried running it from the disc directly with Gigaherz's cdvd plugin?
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