{Issue} Atelier Iris games (NTSC-U)
I wanted to inform you about a possible Issue related to using savestates in those games. Problem seems to be occuring only on 2 or less core processors when the multithreaded microVU1 option is enabled and it's posibly caused by the failure to create a gzip thread during a savestate, though I'm not sure.

The problem occurs after you press the F1 button for the second time in those games and instead of creating a savestate the GUI simply freezes with 100% GPU usage beeing seen on the GUI main window and 0% usage for other parts like EE and VU1 and GUI.

Problem started occuring with the introduction of threaded microVU1 and doesn't seem to occur with other games like Grandia III or Tales series.
Problem doesn't seem to occur also when the threaded microVU1 option is disabled.

Hope this helps someone.

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Well why would you even try that option if you have CPU with 2 or 1 core if it says in the info 3+ cores?
Personally I don't see it strange to have problems if that options is enabled on CPUs with 2 or 1 core
Well believe it or not but in some cases on my 2 cores 4 threads Core2Duo it gives a FPS boost of 5 to 15 frames.
Also in some games it speeds up the video playback so the sound in videos isn't as choppy as it used to be.
And the thing is, it only affects those two games (possibly others but I dunno) and works perfectly fine with
other tested games. The problem may be bigger that it seems, that's why I'm posting it.
Yea, thanks for reporting this. It should be looked into indeed.

Edit: Could reproduce it easily here.
(09-11-2011, 07:58 PM)MegaVolt Wrote: ... in some cases on my 2 cores 4 threads Core2Duo ...

Blink .....
(09-11-2011, 11:12 PM)Rezard Wrote: Blink .....
Yeah, my bad. 2 cores 4 threads was meant for my i3 processor laptop not the Core2Duo one.

I wonder if this is a similar issue to the phantom pcsx2.exe being left over when you have mtvu on and close the emu.
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Something like that, yea.

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