Issue when emulating Wiimote as mouse in Silent Scope
Hello, I'm fan for light gun games so recently I got a Wiimote and Dolphinbar to get that feeling.
Using option 2 (emulating Wiimote as mouse/keyboard) I have had fantastic results with everything I threw at it, expect for Silent Scope 1-3.

If I add my mouse as a USB device in settings, I can use it to move the scope around with all three. The only problem is if I try to start using my Wiimote the cursor is only staying at the edges off the screen. 
For example, if I aim from the right bottom side of the screen diagonally to top left, the scope runs on the bottom of the screen to the left side and then up to the top. 

Out of the game, I am able to move the cursor around with no issues using the Wiimote. 
I tried turning my mouse off (to not cause interference) and it didn't help.
I removed the Guncon from usb devices so it isn't interference (using the Guncon settings didn't register in Silent Scope)

I am using nightly release v1.7.4209 only stock plugins.

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