Issue while compiling GSDX (pls help me)
Hey guys,

I hope this is not a too noobish question, but I already used Google and was reading the compilation guide up and down. But I still found no solution, so please excuse me, if this is a often asked question:

I was downloading all the things needed to compile the plugins and configured them, but obviously I did this not correct...

When I now try to compile the GSDX plugin, using Visual Studio 2008 C++ Express, I get this message:

"1>Projekt : warning PRJ0018 : Folgende Umgebungsvariablen konnten nicht gefunden werden:

I think, translated, this means something like:

"1>Projekt : warning PRJ0018 : Following environment variable couldn't be found:

But I already did this (quoting is perhaps easier for you to understand than my English. Sorry guys^^):

-# Under the Win32 Platform, you need to add the following to Include files:


-# Under the Win32 Platform, you need to add the following to Library files:*If you installed GLEW elsewhere, reflect here


Have I done something wrong? Please help me, I would very appreciate your help.

P.S.: A big "Thank You!" to this great development team! PCSX2 is one of the best thing I ever found in the internet! I just love your work!

Edit: The same issue appears as well when I try to compile the zeroSPU2 plugin. Might be the same with others, too.
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You cant really compile the plugins with a VC++ Express edition easily, you need to get more stuff for it to work.

That's probably what you are missing and this is how you set them up:
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Thanks, I know now what I did wrong... I thought, that the DirectX SDK would be implemented in the runtime of DirectX... Obviously, I wasn't. Thanks, now I works.

But the SPU2-X Plugin still can't be compiled. It now shows this error. I try to translate it accurately^^:

"1>Last committed at revision 2021
1>Updated to revision 2024
1>LINK : fatal error LNK1181: Eingabedatei [Note by me: incomming data?] "soundtouch.lib" couldn't be opened."

The same message appears when I try to compile ZeroSPU2. Do I have to "show" Visual Studios, where to find this .lib? Since this is not mentioned in the wiki. Or did I something worng?

By the way: I use Windows 7, if this is important in this case.

Greetings, Bright-Warrior

Edit: I was able to solve the problem. I just had to compile "SoundTouch" in the "3rdparty" folder. After this, all the plugins compiled correctly. Is this a known "issue" or an issue at all? Because if not, perhaps this should be added to the Compilation Guide.
Rejoice, they say. Color is back.
soundtouch.lib should come with the PCSX2 svn code check if you have it there at all?
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