Issue with DS3
Let me know if this is in the wrong area. I require some support for the DS3 XInput Wrapper (

The 'Cross' button isn't registering in games nor in the XInput Controller Tester. Every other button works and shows up just fine such as Square = X
 and so on. However, the 'Cross' doesn't appear to do anything such as appearing as 'A'. In the Extensions page it doesn't change anything other while every other button changes values.


EDIT: Seem as if it was just the controller. Which is odd. It works on the PS3 itself.

If there's a way to remap the buttons I'd like to know. Apparently xpadder is one.

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do all the buttons work when testing in windows itself? ex: Game controllers > Properties
Yeah it works in there. Quite an odd issue. But I'm not bothered since another PS3 controller works.

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