Issue with .P2B file and update on dumped PS2 BIOS
So, I finally got Bios Dumper 2.0 to work for me. Involved a couple of PS2 restarts but hey, it worked.

Now following that I ran the .bat to create the .P2B file, tacked on my serial number as per the readme and after doing that, the BIOS Selector could not see my BIOS.

After that failed I reran the Bios dumper and got a new set of files (the .bat deletes the originals when it makes the .p2b). Putting those files raw into my BIOS folder allowed the BIOS selector to see it.

So my question now:

Is .P2B no longer supported in the newest PCSX2 (I'm on the latest GIT)? Or is there a chance I missed a step somewhere even though I followed the readme to the letter?

And also, small update to a problem I had years ago and was revisited recently with some other users regarding their BIOS showing up as JPN.

With BIOS Dumper 2.0 my BIOS is being correctly read as a US Bios whereas with the original version it's being seen as a JPN BIOS. Same PS2 mind you. With that said, I still think my original statement about 1.0 using some sort of compatibility mode with "newer" PS2's seems to have something.

And for those people who have the same issue of BIOS Dumper 2.0 not working for them via USB, give this a try: Put the .ELF on your Memory card, then actually restart the PS2 before going back in via uLE or whatever you use and running it off the memory card.

If you just run the elf after transferring it to the memcard without the restart it will hang waiting for the USB to be ready. Same thing if you try to run it direct from the USB drive.
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So it's been a few days and I haven't been able to find anything on my own.

I guess it's no longer a feature then?

Or is there a troubleshooting thread that I didn't find for this situation?
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P2B files are just 7zip files, just extract all the files in to your BIOS folder and then rename them all so they dont have a CRC in the name (all the file names must match, with just the extensions different)
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