Issue with controller delay?
Greetings, I've been searching around the web and here on and off for a month or so and eventually thought I'd just come here to ask. I've been itching to get into PS2 emulation since boxing up my PS2 earlier in the year, and recently dumped all of my memory cards and some games.

Everything in regards to the PCSX2 installation seemingly went through well, but I have an issue with input delay. It's about a noticeable 1/4th second delay for every game, which I expected could be an issue since it seems to be a common variable with emulation in general. That delay is identical for Mega Man X8 and Shinobi, two of the games I tested with, but the third game Yakuza has a much harsher delay of about 1/2 ~ 1 second, something which in my search doesn't seem isolated. I've been itching to start that game up above all else, so I'm wondering if there are any solutions for such a delay discrepancy, or input delay in general. I haven't enabled vsync or the MTVU speedhack to my knowledge, and as is the three games run surprisingly well/full speed up to 3x native res, the only issue in performance being the consistent delay.

Here's my rig:

Asus laptop with i7-4700HQ, 2.4GHz
Nvidia Geforce GTX 760M, 2gb dedicated video memory
12gb RAM
500GB SSD (OS + PCSX2), 2TB HDD (most files, including the 3 iso's)
Windows 10, 64-bit

It pays to mention that I play all my PC games with my DS3 connected via SCPServer (both USB and bluetooth), which could also be a contributing factor despite being reliable everywhere else. As for emu settings, I've tried a few different ones but neither they nor the presets made a noticeable difference (I can get pics of my current settings come morning). This includes the skipdraw/alpha hacks for Yakuza's notorious visual artifacts.

Admittedly I'm not too well-versed with the in's and out's of this emulator, especially with things like hardware vs. software rendering and the many available options, so I'm open to any suggestions and available guidance. Thanks in advance.

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