Issue with creating config folders
When I switch between plugins and click apply, it says a config folder does not exist and asks if i want to create one, i say yes, and it asks me for each one(sstates, snaps, logs). But in the program log it says it couldn't be created error 5 access is denied, then Failed to create a temporary file name (error 267: the directory name is invalid). I'm using an administrator account, not sure how to change this.

EDIT: Reinstalled and changed the location of the config files from the pcsx2 folder to the documents folder, not sure why that made a difference but it did. I guess someone can delete this thread if they want.

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It's simple you must create each folder for sstates snaps and logs
in the folder pscx 2 r3881
Then you browse each folder (sstates ,snaps and log ) that you created

Your thread is useful for other newbie
I don't know perhaps it's rude.
Is that it works ? your problem is solved ?
(03-27-2011, 01:43 PM)sandra23 Wrote: I don't know perhaps it's rude.
Is that it works ? your problem is solved ?

It seems so, with the original installation i put the directory of the config files in my pcsx2 folder thats in my program files, but I changed it to the default which is in documents, and now theres no problem.

when I first installed I had the same problem.
I can't explain why?
I'm glad if I could be useful
easier to right click pcsx2.exe->run as admin
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Too complicated for newbie
At this point I want to stress once again that the advice to run as "The administrator" is perpetuating a bad habit. To make things worsen it will not help in all cases and can lead to more problems ahead.

Most access rights issues under Vista/7 are due to UAC and/or the application being installed under C:\Program Files (x86) ... actually any "protected" folder.

The correct procedure is never installing games under these "non blessed" folders. I mean all, avoid installing games in those folders, PC games or whatever.

Just for the game not being there most issues disappears as by magic. if it doesn't the system is already corrupted by bad practices, if it is a reinstall, make sure all the remains from the last installation are gone. delete all the already created folders so they are recreated freshly.

UAC is one the most dumb features MS managed to surprise me it could get each time dumber, against all logic. What it is supposed to bring in security it forces security holes far worsen (the own need to run as "DA Administrator" let it clear). Consider disabling it once and for all, Your PC thanks you.

PS: For cleanness sake, it's not wrong keeping control and document files under the Documents folder. So that folder PCSX2 creates there to store it's files is fine. JUST don't try running executable inside them (what mean don't install the game there), it may work some times but is a time bomb waiting to go boom.
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(03-27-2011, 02:28 PM)jesalvein Wrote: easier to right click pcsx2.exe->run as admin

(03-27-2011, 06:22 PM)sandra23 Wrote: Too complicated for newbie

Seriously? Oo
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