Issue with in-game font
I've recently installed PCSX2 (with pretty much everything on default settings) and wanted to give Onimusha: Warlords a try. Once I boot up the game, I've noticed the font of the writing looks off... I can't really find a good way to describe it so I've posted a screenshot to show what it looks like. Anyone know how to fix this? This causes every kind of menu in the game to look blurry and often hard to read. This isn't the only game that's giving me this problem however (Gitaroo Man comes to mind). Help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance! Biggrin

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Ehm... thanks? Real helpful there -_-
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Lol Biggrin
(05-18-2014, 04:45 PM)Dark Infernape Wrote: Lol Biggrin

Hahaha well I didn't think I worded it right at first so I needed to change it Tongue that said... still need help here guys! XD
(as luck would have it, I did the same thing to this reply too Tongue hitting "post" before I even make sure what I said makes sense haha)
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