Issue with the Burnout games when switching to HW mode
So I'm on version v1.5.0-dev-3399-g8d3ff9444, and when playing the Burnout games (Dominator, Takedown, and Revenge) the games work completely fine with no issues in HW mode. But there is still the black sky bug which you can fix by going to SW mode before loading a race then switching back to HW mode once the race has loaded. The problem with this is that it fixes the sky, but creates another issue which is a line going across the screen a certain distance from where I am looking. (This line doesn't appear at all when I stay in HW mode, only when I go to SW then back to HW).

I've tried using the latest stable release 1.4.0 and it fixes this line problem, but I get the purple windows issue, which doesn't occur on the dev build I use...

In the screenshots you can see the big line going across the screen on the surfaces in game.

Emulation settings are all default apart from preset unchecked at the bottom, MTVU enabled, and 16:9.
Tried both OGL and D3D11

Evga 2070 Super Black Edition
AMD R5 3600
MSI Tomahawk Max Mobo

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Half-pixel Offset: special texture aggressive might fix it
(03-25-2020, 04:54 PM)wheninrome Wrote: Half-pixel Offset: special texture aggressive might fix it
Thank you, it's still there but it's very thin. Is there no way to completely remove it since it only occurs when switching to HW mode from SW?

Edit - Solved: Skipdraw 3,3 instead of half pixel offset completely removes it

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