Issue with widescreen cheats installation
Hi, recently I tried to run Sly and R&C 2 on widescreen mode, I repeated all steps from tutorial vids. But than I mention that game doesn't see widescreen hack which I put in folder "Cheats". One thing that I mention is that my document folder of emulator and folder at emulator directory are not connected, I tried to put cheat files at these folders manually and logs saying that hacks loaded, but with no effect for me, image continues to be 4:3 stretched. Can someone show me logs with working widescreen mode, I'd like to see how it should be? My own logs at attacments.

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Widescreen patches are not the same as normal cheats. There is a separate cheats_ws folder (not to be confused with the archive) which you can load widescreen patches into. After doing so, in PCSX2 make sure the System > Enable Widescreen Patches setting is enabled, and boot the game, without using a savestate.

Are you using 1.4.0? I do not know for sure but the widescreen patches for these games may be in the widescreen patch archive that ships with the development builds. Might be worth checking the latest build (link in my signature) to see if just enabling the widescreen patches works, without you having to add the patch manually.

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