Issues Playing SOTC please help lol
So I recently felt like playing Shadow of the Colossus, but I didn't own a PS2 anymore. So I downloaded this emulator, the PS2 bios, and the game. I converted the game into an .iso file, and after some minor difficulties I was able to work out, I'm now stuck on probably the most confusing thing I've encountered. Initially the game wouldn't even get to the browser section. It would open, then act as if it was starting the game automatically, and then just stay a black screen. So after reading around, I read somewhere that this issue occurs because I had the wrong bios selected. So I changed my bios from USA v01.60 to Europe v02.00 and it took me farther this time, granted in a different language, but I just changed the language settings and then I was good. However, this is where the main issue comes into play. On the browse section I see the yellow disc that says "PlayStation 2 game", and I select it and the game seemingly opens. However, instead of just staying a black screen forever, it just loops back to that very same screen where I can choose the disc again. So I went around and did some more reading, and everything I saw just said that the bios was wrong, but literally every other bios aside from the Europe v02.00 one just stays at a black screen, while the Europe v02.00 one just loops forever. Any ideas on what I probably messed up? Any help would be very much appreciated

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