Issues getting started with PCSX2
So today I downloaded "PCSX2" (0.9.6) everything went fine installing it, I got my dumped Bios etc.

And decided to execute to set my Bios settings before playing a game, however I got this error

[Image: ps2crash.png]

My Specs:
2GB Ram
AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5200+

Windows XP Home Edition.

As far as I can tell my DirectX is updated but I still get this error, anyone able to explain why?
(On a side note, anyone know the ideal setup for FFX?)

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If it really is updated to the newest then you'll have those files d3dx9_41.dll and d3dx10_41.dll in your C:\Windows\system32 directory.If you don't have them then that means you don't have the newest directx
lord christ. Hit "Search" type "directx" then hit search again. is that so hard? this problem has been discussed 3 million times.
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