Issues running with SweetFX
Hi all. Using both the last stable build (1.4) and the most recent (1.5.0-20160728222500) with SweetFX 1.4, 1.51 and 2.0, I can't get it to run. The game itself launches fine, but won't run the shader. It will run with the included one fine.

I have Graphics set to DX11 (hardware), I've enabled external shaders and pointed to the correct dxgi.fx shader (the one the readme specifies for dx10/11) and the correct config file. I've also tried using dxgi.dll just in case. 

Whenever I launch the game (FFXII), the shader doesn't take effect, even using the toggle (scroll lock). Checking the log file each time I get this error:

"error X3501: 'ps_main': entrypoint not found

GSdx: failed to compile external post-processing shader."

It then shuts everything down and runs the game without any shaders.

Trying to run it pointing to the .dll gives me:
"D:\Games\PCSX2\dxgi.dll(267,1-2): error X3000: unrecognized identifier 'MZ'
D:\Games\PCSX2\dxgi.dll(269,323): error X1005: string continues past end of line
D:\Games\PCSX2\dxgi.dll(270,65): error X1005: string continues past end of line"

And the then same thing happens. Appreciate any help. I've been trying to sort through this forever now.

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Finally got it all sorted out. Anyone else having issues should look at this thread:

Basically PCSX2 needs to have SweetFX/ReShade injected into it externally because it won't run the DLL automatically.

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