Issues starting game + Config issues? PLZ help!

I been using pcsx2 1.0.0 for a while (currently ffx/ffx-11), but recently re-imaged my laptop, and now i have issues loading game.

I have my laptop attached to my TV via. HDMI cable..

It keeps saying i have an issue with my "SPU2 plugin failed to open. Your computer may have insufficient resources, or incompatible hardware/drivers."

before I "re-imaged" this message never came up, and I didn't have to re-configure settings (primary driver - "sony HD tv")

anyways i was wondering if anyone knew a fix to this, or if im just stuck doing this back up way instead of it just working easily.

attached is my specs, and yea... if anyone can give me some input on making my games run smoother/better compatibility that would be awesome, attached are the pics of the "errors + fixes"


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Try this:

Open control panel, in category view click Hardware and sound, under sound click manage audio devices.(This is how on Win 7, 8 should be similar)

From there you should get a dialog listing all available sound devices, and should have the ability to set one as default.

Also, why Dsound? Why not Xaudio2? If Xaudio won't load, google directx web installer and use it to update.
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Managing the drivers worked out great thanks -- Blyss Sarania -- and Is there really a quality difference? I didn't notice if there was!

anyways, still having an issue of "Laggy" game play during FFX-11, when in town and lots of action, and during SOME battles, I could take screen shots of my ee - gs, but if people have idea's for configs that would be great, looked up posts + some manuals, but none seem to fix my issue!
I think your APU is limiting your FPS. Try experimenting with speedhacks, otherwise stick with your PS2 for now.
For the lags,download the latest SVNs(pcsx2 versions) for more speed and stability
Its from the main screen of the site the Lasts revisions*
(1.0 pcx2 its old now),You will have a larges inprovements in all cases.

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