Issues with Game
I have several issue's with playing the Jak and Daxter series. I'll get straight to the point.

1. Eyeballs, and sometimes skin, will be completely black, or a rainbow color. View Photo below to see what I mean.
2. Audio is COMPLETELY laggy and sometimes unaudible.
3.Visuals are slow, game time is slow, I think it may have to do with the audio... ?

My set up:

AMD Radeon HD 6870M
Intel Core i7-2630QM CPU @ 2.00GHz
6144MB RAM
Windows 7

My PCSX2 Set Up:
[Image: nX984.png]
[Image: Mi82L.png]
[Image: lOzs0.png]
[Image: cktqM.png]
[Image: pKPfu.png]
[Image: pKPfu.png]

[Image: B3H1c.jpg]

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About eyeballs : AFAIK, it gets fixed in software mode
About slowness : it's actually the opposite : because the game generally runs slowly, both gfx & sound lags. Why ? Because your cpu is definitely too sliw.
2.0 ghz wont be enough for that particularly demanding game.
CPU : AMD Ryzen 7 3800X
Mobo : Asus PRIME B450-PLUS
GPU : NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070
RAM : 16 Go
Can I fix the software mode thing? ( I'm new, I probably just asked a ***** question )

Edit: I fixed the audio, it was slowing my game down quite a bit, but yeah my CPU is not running at full capacity, how can I OC it? would that fix issues?
Read Jesalvein post again, audio doesn't slow your game;P, it's slow couse your cpu is too slow to emulate the game at full speed, if it doesn't reach full speed it lags, simple as that.
But then again turn on speedhacks, not using even recommended ones in such situation is just wrong:]. I mean totally wrong. Enable them, leave all recommended ones enabled, you can check MTvu as well, and experiment with slider speedhacks, through those two can cause cause loads of other problems, soo don't abuse them too much. It's a laptop, meaning you'll not get any good results in more demanding games, but pretty much high end one soo it's not soo awfull either.

You should also make sure your windows power profile/settings aren't set on power saving mode(anything higher is ok), as it's often a default for laptops, and also never try playing on battery, as doing so limits your hardware power.

For software rendering you can press F9 ~ to see it's fixed, and then probably press it again and live with glitches couse it's better(?) than heavy lag you'll most likely get.

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