Issues with Onepad on Ubuntu 17.10
I've been fiddling with this for, literally, hours and I'm no closer to solving my current issue.

I've got my controller plugged in, and all of the buttons have now been mapped out as, to an extent, have the analog sticks.
However, I'm playing Dirge of Cerberus right now, and when my left stick is even the slightest bit out of perfectly aligned with the vertical or horizontal axis, Vincent stops running and starts walking -_-

Is there any way of having onepad recognise that the stick is in the corner of the pad and the character should be running around, rather than constantly slowing to a walk and getting me shot repeatedly as I can't dodge effectively?

For those who are asking, I'm using an official wired Xbox 360 controller.

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I'm curious if you've been able to calibrate your controller.

At this point in time I only know that you're using Ubuntu and a 360 controller, so my insight only goes so far.

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