Issues with Steam Link & controllers
Some time ago, I was able to run games on PCSX2 and stream them to my TV with my Link and everything seemed to work okay.

However, if I try to now/lately (within the last few months maybe), it seems like it's unable to see the controller. Going into lilypad just shows the Xinputs with a bunch of question marks, pokopom doesn't help either. I've been able to hook the games into Steam to get them launched, full screen and all that, also not opening the pcsx2 console so the (fullscreen) game gets focus.

I've had the same Steam Link settings and all, but maybe something changed on their end too, always a possibility. I've tried doing this with an Xbox One and Xbox 360 controller (through the Link) to no avail. They do both work when directly on the PC though. The pad plugins are set to recognize Xinput and Steam Link/big picture is also set to send Xinput; the controllers work fine with other games/applications when run through the Link. Like I mentioned, I was able to get it to work before, but it just seems not to now.

I might also ask: assuming no faults, should this work? I know it has before, but like is it supported/known to work? I've been banging my head against Google searches trying to get it to work. Certainly not a dealbreaker/PCSX2's problem necessarily but it's a bummer it doesn't!

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