Issues with V1.6.0 cheats
Hi everyone.

So I've had a look at some of the posts regarding cheats not working and its usually because they're not set up properly.

I believe I've set them up properly, as this is what the log says once I've loaded the game:

"Found Cheats file: '0486AD78.pnach'
comment: Write something here
Loaded 4 Cheats from '0486AD78.pnach' at 'C:\Users\ellis\OneDrive\Documents\PCSX2\cheats'
Overall 4 Cheats loaded"

Strange message since I only put 2 cheats into the .pnach file, but still those 2 cheats aren't working.

The game is The Suffering and the cheats were for Infinite ammo/no reload and also Infinite health.

I have attached the .pnach file so you guys can look it over. 

Any help would be much appreciated thanks!

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.pnach   0486AD78.pnach (Size: 323 bytes / Downloads: 165)

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