Issues with Xinput wrapper
[Image: SjQhZlw.png]

How do I get this DLL?

I installed the runtime as discussed here:

But still nothing.

The controller is recognized and all but I wanna get in and change mappings and stuff.

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Downloading the c++ redistributable is the solution for that problem.
Please try it again. You need the x86-version as mentioned in the thread you posted.
I already had it but I did both again just now (hitting repair for the x86) and it worked.

Quick question there's no way to remap controls and save them as profiles?

Like how is this functionality wise vs DS3 Tool with Better DS3?
I dont use those wrappers since I own an xbox controller. I am quite sure that the DS4 tools have profiles. But I have no information about DS3. I would guess it is the same.
Is there perhaps a guide or something on them?

I've had no luck finding anything.
So this one has a profile system as written in this post
Interesting, the remapping is a little less robust.

All I really wanna do is swap the dpad and the left stick for certain games.

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