Issues with creating a ISO file out of my Mortal Kombat Armageddon disc.
I have been trying to create a ISO file out of my Mortal Kombat Armageddon Disc Using Imgburn, However whenever i try to create the file it gets stuck at 79%.
Any reason why this might be happening? i am using the United Kingdom disc. with a HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GUD0N Disc Drive.

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Could you try playing your disc on your real PS2? See if you notice any issues with it.
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It works fine. and when i use the CDVD plugin for Pcsx2 the game works fully.
Do you know if there might be a way to extract a iso from pcsx2 itself using a plugin?
You probably did not reach the point in the game where it tries to read the data that ImgBurn can't read

You can enable an option in ImgBurn that ignores read errors
Tools=>Settings=>Read=>Page 1=>Read Errors=>Ignore Read Errors
Okay. i will try that. i will get back to you soon with the results.

UPDATE: I have tried with Ignore Read Errors. however it still gets stuck at 79%. gonna try setting Software Retries to 0 to see if that works.
UPDATE 2: nope. sadly didn't work.
Have you tried lowering the read speed as well? That can help when using a disc that isn't "broken" but has some minor scratches.
I will try that.

UPDATE:Lowering the speed didn't work. oof
You can try using another program.. cleaning the disk, possibly waxing the disk with a liquid wax (non abrasive, but it can fill in minor scratches)..

Just a couple more things to try. I use nero to do my rips of my disks..
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K. might try that tomorrow though. getting late for me,

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