Issues with mouse and graphics
I cannot make work the mouse with pcsx2 anybody can help me? Also Black looks horrible on PCSX2 without lights effects and so on.

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you not gona get much of any help till you give us more info. And why are you not using a controller to play the ps2 games threw pcsx2? though you might want to look at your controler plugin in pcsx2
The only thing needed to activate mouse for using it with PCSX2 is change the mouse api option to windows messaging right? And then go to pad1 and use the mouse to assign the keys. I don't know what im doing wrong i just start a game and i can see the cursor in front of PCSX2...
you cant actual USE the mouse point to do things in the game except maybe use the mouse control the camera is games 99% of the games dont even have mouse in the game to begin with
Some ps2 games did used actual ps2 mouse for which we have for example nuvee plugin.;p

But anyway to set mouse as pad control(which will work in all games) in lilypad, you also have to set "mouse" button to some key and press it once ingame to activate mouse. Also if you're using mouse buttons to shoot or something like that, disable double click for fullscreen toggle at emulation settings>GS window.
Thats the configuration i made:

[Image: kn8g.png]
[Image: 2yr0.png]

It's correct? What i need to do to activate mouse when iam in game?
Untick start without mouse focus in general tab of lilypad !!
Check top right corner of lilypad>PAD1 tab you'll find a "Mouse" button there, set it to any keyboard key which isn't too close of your other buttons and press it once in game. This should activate your mouse.

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