Issues with texture replacement in Ace Combat Zero
I've been working on an HD HUD mod for AC Zero right after texture replacement feature came out. It's been going well at first, with most of the in-game HUD being on 2 big textures which worked totally fine. 

However issues came up when it came to text. 

Firstly, every letter of every font is it's own seperate texture, making replacing them with better ones (without any AI upscaling) very time consuming because I also need to figure out where in-game that text is even meant to be.

While tedious, I could somehow live with that. What I couldn't live with is the fact that textures randomly unload when moving through menus, or don't load at all when going into gameplay.

So far I wasn't able to find any pattern it in, but could it be because there are too many files to load? (700 textures already, and it's not even fully done)

Is there any possible way to fix it, or is it a limitation with texture replacing and there isn't much I can do about it?

(I'd put links to my videos as reference, but it seems like I can't put links in posts)

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Could this be the same grievance they have in

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