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It doesn't work for me!!
I'm on an Aspire E 15, Intel Celeron N2840 2.16 GHZ 8GB (7.89 useable) so I feel like I should have no problem running games but whenever I try they're always laggy AF. Do I need to mess about with settings or something? Maybe try older games? Or are those specs just not good enough?

Thanks in advance!

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just get a decent CPU and you're good to go.
that one is unfortunately too weak for pcsx2.

play your games on your PS2 console for now
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Just to put what jesavlein said into perspective. Your Intel Celeron N2840 has a STR (single thread rating) of 553. The emulator requires a minimum of 1,600. Over 2,000 for the more demanding games. So, unfortunately, your CPU is nowhere near powerful enough to run pcsx2. If you want to look into getting a decent CPU, check out this website. It shows how each CPU rates & the cost of them. My guess though, is you'll have to just upgrade to a whole new computer.
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