Itadaki Street Special boards are only black shadows, need a 1.7 specific fix
I'm having trouble with that one glitch in Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy in Itadaki Street Special  that makes the board invisible and only black shadows. I'm on a Mac, and I'm using the macOS 1.7 Dev 2021-11-21 build of PCSX2.

Previous threads have a fix for this glitch in older versions of PCSX2, but since it's a 1.7 version of PCSX2, my version doesn't have plugins, a Misc menu, or many of the other things used these fixes. So, they are useless to me. Is there a step-by-step way to fix this glitch that works on 1.7?

Note: when talking about this with other people, they suggested editing the GameIndex.yaml or GameIndex.dbf file in the root of the PCSX2 directory to contain a patch for the game:

  name: "Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy in Itadaki Street"
  region: "NTSC-J"
  compat: 5
      content: |-
        // Game seems to have problems with alpha values being zero in some instances
        // this patches the results from FPU to be an alpha of 2
        // Fixes missing board


Serial = SLPM-65797
Name  = Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy in Itadaki Street
Region = NTSC-J
Compat = 5
[patches = 86A135CB]
comment=Fixes missing board (Patch by refraction)

My version of PCSX2 lacked both of these files, and when I placed them in the root of the PCSX2 folder and made these edits, nothing happened and the problem was not fixed.

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On macOS, right click on and choose Show Package Contents. GameIndex.yaml is in Contents/Resources

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