JAK series
I tried the first game with the emulator,
it seems it's quite working,despite "not Compatibility"

is other games in the series are working?
it seems the "Compatibility list" is not update.

there is a problem,tough,
the characters has "black eyes"

how do I fix that?

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The compatibility list is only for the official 0.9.6 release, we can't test 2000 games each time a new beta comes out...
Set GSdx to software to see if it is GSdx or PCSX2 causing it (if it works with software it is GSdx)
[Image: newsig.jpg]
ok,it really the GSdx Problem...
but there is still hope the future version will be better,right?

anyway,it seems Full Speed hacks are working fine with this game,so in software mode it still working with full speed Smile

but even software mod,in not perfect,there are still some graphical glitchs,and shadows problems:
the eyes are back,tough.
I've downloaded the version 0.9.6 and the newst version of GSdx but when i start Jak1 the pcsx2 console write: " syncing... " but the window kept black.
What Setings the pcsx2 must have do play?

PS: Sorry for my bad englisch
The game doesn't work in PCSX 2 0.9.6 but works in the latest official beta 1474, and the eyes glitch is fixed in software mode but of course the game is slower that way.

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