Jade Coccon 2
First off i would like to say that i am floored by the progress been made since i last looked, maybe 2 years ago.

but i have problem with seemingly random freezes on XP Pro and Windows 7 build 7068. I know win 7 is beta and not fully supported by anyone yet but the games run so much smoother on it then in xp, probably due to the dx10. Using 0.9.6.

the game i am freezing on (made an iso of it myself) Jade Cocoon 2 lags abit here and there in xp but is so close to perfect in win7 i feel like it's actually on PS2.

It just freezes randomly and i'd like to post a log but i'm unsure where crash dumps go.

anyway just wanted to say you guys are awesome.

my system specs are:
Intel Q6600 2.66
ASUS GTX280 OC (i love this thing)
4 gigs ram ddr2

[edit] i think it only happens when i maximize the window, i am unsure.
[edit2] nope freezes during battles, also should i post this in bug reports?

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so i downloaded the beta with the intent to report the freeze in the bug forum but here it is 4 hours later of constant game time and nothing bad has happened.
Can you post your emulator settings please? I am having the same problem and I haven't figured out what settings to change to stop it.
Thank you.
uh well did you try the latest beta first?

Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64
(08-18-2009, 11:18 PM)Shadow Lady Wrote: uh well did you try the latest beta first?


I did. The first day I didn't have any trouble once I downloaded the beta. But today it's stopped working a few times during battles. Yesterday I stopped playing after the first time it crashed. I don't have any of the cheats/patches enabled. I guess I'll uninstall and reinstall since it worked so well the first day.
so, Seonta, was it still freezing on times? if not.. can you please kindly tell me the solution..
i am facing the same problem.

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