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Jade Cocoon 2 need help to cheat
Hi, I'm new here. English is not my motherlanguage, so please excuse my simple writing style Laugh

A few weeks ago I downloaded PCSX2 and started playing Jade Cocoon 2 (with Final patch)
I'm in the Endgame now and I wish an easier way to train my beasts.
I found a few codes online and watched many Videos how to make it.
But every time I try it, cheats dont work.

My Game Version is SLUS_203.09
I have pcsx2 1.4.0
I downloaded 2 converters: Pcsx2 Cheat converter_1_0_0_10 and omniconvert_1.1.0_B
My CRC is 0x4A08779B , so I made a Editor File and named it 4A08779B.pnach
The most posts I found, said that Codejunkies is one of the best sites for Codes, I tried it with codes from:
I took the Mastercode and the first 8 Quick level gain Codes (there are also codes for beast 9 ect, but you can only take 8 beasts with you, i dont know what that codes do Laugh)
(there are also codes named beast A Code, maybe  the code to activate each beast cheat, but WWAG-55H4-P40M6 is too short, I wasnt able to convert. Maybe the cause why it is not working)

I convert this Codes with omniconvert and took it to my pnach file, it looks like:

gametitle=Jade Cocoon 2 (USA)



comment=Fast exp


All cheats loaded, but i never get more exp...
Thanks for help,

Ps: @jesalvein:
Don't know what is the problem, i dont asked about illegal content and the only link is to codejunkies. I bought the Game 15 years ago, but Ubisoft and Genki made a Mistake with their product and a few content wasnt in the game. The Complete Version only works with pcsx2.
I removed the text about my log, hope the thread stays unclosed

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as said here :
we don't support pirated materials
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