Jak 2 and Jak 3 Running full Speed ( Video Included)
Jak 2 and Jak 3 Running full Speed...It runs at 60 FPS but is slowed down by Fraps (video game recorder program).

-8gs of Ram
-Intel i7-2600k 3.4GHz
-EVGA GTX 460 1g Supercloked

Only significant changes in PCX2 Settings
Speed Hacks
- EE Cyclerate set to 3 (MAX)
- VU Cycle Stealing Disable (0)
- MTVU Enable

Video (GS) Plugin Settings
- Direct3D 11 (Hardware)
- 640x480 Native 3x = 1920x1440
- Texture Filtering Enable
- Allow 8-bit Textures Enable
- Enable HW Hacks Enable
(Configure: Enable the following...Alpha, Half-pixel Offset, Sprite, Aggressive-CRC, Alpha Stencil)

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On my Phenom II X4 rig, when downclocked to 3.2GHz (3.6GHz stock) I can play 55-60 fps with EE at 2 and VU at 1, with MTVU enabled. I use software rendering sdet to 3 threads though, as nothing I could do fixed the rendering bugs with hardware mode. I should mention that the HyperTransport links run at 3.2GHz, or 6.4MT/s on that mobo, so that helps eek out a bit more (%20 or so) performance.

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