Jak 3 Almost perfect! Just need some help tweakin!
I just made a reddit post about this as well ( https://www.reddit.com/r/PCSX2/comments/..._settings/ )
I basically downloaded pcsx2 strictly for jak 3, it was my favorite game growing up and id love to re-play it. I have been messing with settings all day and have the game running at a smooth 60fps. The only issues remaining are 1. all water seems to have a striped graphical issue and 2. The desert ground is VERY glitchy, just constantly fluttering with black boxes. i was hoping someone could take a look at my settings and see if theres anyway i can clean these issues up.

THIS IS FROM MY REDDIT POST (has pictures and all that jazz) :


CPU Specs: I7-6700 

Graphics: msi nvidia 970

16gb ram

windows 10


 Current state, ended up messing with more stuff, game runs smoother but can randomly lag and also has all this weird graphical errors, ESPECIALLY in the desert / while driving

Current state of game: http://puu.sh/tG6wS/8487fe7bd9.jpg

Emulation Settings: http://puu.sh/tG6DN/222580e004.png

Plugin Settings: http://puu.sh/tG6Gt/58876879ec.png


Edit 2: still using the settings in the first edit, game is playable but the desert is really buggy, anyone know a fix?
Pic: http://puu.sh/tGaxC/f16c9865f3.jpg the black boxes just flutter and move and are pretty annoying while trying to play.

Also all water seems to have this striped graphical issue as well: http://puu.sh/tGaL6/502bb315a3.jpg

sorry for the messy post, appreciate the help!

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If you use openGL (and you should), beware that accurate blending can be costly for the perf (but allow nice shadow)

Edit: try to play with mipmap and trilinear option. Unfortunately the game still contains various texture cache limitation.

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