Jak 3 only mostly playable?
I am trying to play Jak 3 (SCUS-97330), which the compatibility page says is playable. I'm wondering, has anybody actually played through the game? It works for me full speed with no major glitches (aside from missing eyes and weird shadows) EXCEPT that some of the vehicles will not boost when R2 is pressed. Most will boost fine when pressing R2, but the Dune Hopper in particular will not. This makes it impossible to progress in the game beyond the mission "Take out Marauder Stronghold", the 48th mission in the game (no issues with the first 47 missions!). If somebody else has the game, can you try this for me and verify it's not my configuration? I can provide a save game. Note that this happens with no speed hacks on. This is with PCSX2

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I own the game, but my computer is not powerful enough to play full speed. however I will test it

Edit: I can boost in the dune hopper and complete the mission.
Thanks Ge-Force. Could you post your pcsx2 version number, plugin versions/settings, and emulation settings? I'd appreciate it. Also, are you using version SCUS-97330?
>>Default except clamping mode is on full (not needed).
>>All Recommend hacks(not needed)
>>GSDX 3068 SSSE3 (these settings won't make much difference)
>>>D3D10/11 Hardware
>>>3X scaling
>>>Texture Filtering Square
>>>Allow 8bit textures
>>LilyPad r2930
>>SPU2-X r3117
>>>Using inbuilt ISO loader

Settings not mentioned are default.

PCSX2 says my game ID is SCES-52460 and is the PAL version.
Usually NTSC versions are more compatible with PCSX2, but often minimally.

Edit: Added SPU2 info
Strange, must have been a problem with Motionjoy. Works now, thanks!
sorry, im new here but ive been looking for how to download jak2 or jak3 for the past year, could anyone please help me
Our forum does not tolerate any kind of warez talk / discussion / links and no support will be given as such.
Read our rules,specifically rule #1. Warned.
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