Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy how to remove BLUR
I'm running the game with dev version 1.50, I have fixed the eyes and shadows problem, but I can't find any way to fix the terrible blur the game has.

I'm playing with OGL (Hardware) and 6x internal resolution at 60 fps with no problems, but the game still looks so blurry while all my other PCSX2 games look so crisp at 4K.

It looks like motion blur even if nothing is moving,


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The blur is a post processing effect added by the developers of the game. Why? Right now we can only assume to mask some imperfections in interlacing or jagged geometry. We don't really know why, but those are two ideas. We also suspect that upscaling makes this blur even more noticeable than if you were playing at native.

The best guess would be that you can find it and eliminate it with skipdraw. This isn't an instant job, you have to do some trial and error and locate the draw calls responsible, then narrow it down to just those draws.

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