Jak II Textures
I was playing Jak II on 0.9.7 and since the beginning of the game,the texture of his skin(face + hands)are messed up(except in the cutscenes),but then when he goes to a certain place in the map those texture are fixed.in that place,and the rest of the map,the camera's distance from Jak doesn't change.

I'm wondering,if PCSX2 can show those texture,then why does it mess them up?

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That's actually the main problems in the Jak series (1-3) running in PCSX2 . Those bugs havent been fixed. The game itself is playable but buggy. Only hope we got is waiting for future revisions that fix those problems.
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Yes,also with Ratchet and Clank.
However my question still remains.
If the emulator can show them "temporarily",then why not "permanently"?
(I'm thankful I can play the game,the question's just out of curiosity + if it can help the devs fix anything)

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