Jak X Combat Racing
anybody know why it does not work or how to get it working? Unsure
Q8300 @ 3.0GHz | Radeon HD 5770 | Windows 7 64-bit

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It is one of only eighteen titles on the compatibility list ranked as "nothing", the worst possible rank. The emulator is likely having trouble emulating the processes that enable the game to work at all. It's not an issue that can be fixed on the player's side, I think.

You will probably have to hold out for later SVN revisions; you never know, it might be fixed later on down the road!
k thanks. wish i know how to code. ><
would definitely spend some time trying to fix it.
Q8300 @ 3.0GHz | Radeon HD 5770 | Windows 7 64-bit
Does it still do this?:

Status is unchanged. Does some reads then hangs. In between a hardware reset, console shows this error:
dkernel: HookOrDie() error (new=0x002760b4, old=0x00122c78); aborting

You may have luck with this patch. Find the CRC of your game and name it accordingly.
Example patch is in the 'cheats' directory.

// c417d919.pnach
gametitle=Jak X Combat Racing DEMO [SCUS 97486] (U)
comment=patches by Nachbrenner
// fix "dkernel: HookOrDie() error"
Been trying to find this demo for ages so i can do a comparison but nobody sells this.

The patch doesn't work with the full versions of Jak X Combat Racing (both pal and ntsc one).
Alright then.
I suppose this will have to stay broken until someone figures out how to support kernel hooks.
I've got the full game (PAL) and I don't get the any dkernel errors (but still doesn't boot). am I missing some log setting or is the demo engine different to the full game.
The game is most likely still trying to do that same code, but this time their debug logs are disabled.
OK, so we have to wait until a patch is produced or kernel hooks are implemented then.

I wonder what it uses the kernel hooks for.

Usually, kernel hooks are a form of protection, they are even used in windows. (from what i've read in wiki)

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