Jak X: Combat Racing. Multiple problems.
Well, this is my first time posting here, and my first time using PCSX2, Im emulating Jak X and having some problems. 
 Sound: It wasn't working so I got the patch, running a full boot make the sound work, but at the time I enter adventure mode (campaign) it starts to lagg and then disables the sound and subtitles of the cinematics and just left the sfx, after a couple of matches the music stops working too. 
 Save: The automatic save works like a charm, but when I manually save it stucks in the "saving data" window. This is not too bad so I don't really really need to fix it.
 Textures: Some specific textures (like wheels or certain body customs) look awfully bad. I can ignore this too but would be cool to know why it happens. 
 Crashes: It seems to crash when it loads some models, particles, textures, and when it saves, if some of these things happen at the same time.

 I managed to "prevent" or delay some of these problems changing some values. But at the end the problems are still there. 
 I would like to know if this could be a compatibility problem between the settings and my hardware, the iso and the patch, the "location" of the bios (USA, Japan, etc), or a problem with the iso itself. 

 The game is actually running, so I'd prefer to take some advices about configuration before posting my whole system and the console data. 

 PS.: Short questions: What's the difference between hardware controlled graphics and software controlled graphics? 
        The sound problems could be caused by poor graphic performance? (It seems to work worse when I low or increase the graphics too much).
        What manages the sound? Hardware? Drivers? I don't much about how the sound is executed by a PC. 

 Thanks very much for reading, excuse my english, and forgive me if some of this things have obvious fixes, or I posted something wrong, Im pretty lost with using the emulator.

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posting the full emulog and your pcsx2 settings (screenshot all tabs) may actually help
CPU : AMD Ryzen 7 3800X
Mobo : Asus PRIME B450-PLUS
GPU : NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070
RAM : 16 Go
Well, here it goes. 
 Rig: CPU: I7 4770
        Mobo: Asus Sabertooth Z87
        GPU: Nvidia GTX 750 TI
RAM: 32gb 1600mhz
        SO: Windows 7 Pro x64 bits

 Screenshots attached below.

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The texture issues I believe are related to mipmapping which don't work in hardware mode (and should show correctly in software mode).

Software mode performs rendering on the CPU, this gives a much more accurate result (less visual bugs) but often at the cost of speed.
Hardware mode performs rendering on the GPU, this is often faster, but can result in visual bugs.

I haven't tested the game that much as my machine is not powerful enough to run it, I didn't get any of the freezes you experienced, with the exception of the manual save issue. I am aware of another crash that can occur when movies loop in the menus but it doesn't seem like you've experienced that one.
Oh nice, my cpu should handle it. 
 The freezes started to happen more frequently, I'll see how it goes. 
 Any advice with the sound?
If you used portaudio so far try xaudio and the other way around.
Well, my CPU didn't handle it xD. But for some reason I didn't see more texture bugs. 
 I was using XAudio, Portaudio didn't work at all. I enabled Directaudio and it seems to work better for now, I saw this option "crappy alternate buffering mode", I enabled it and my game wouldn't start ._ . Also, changing the latency would help? Oh, I realized something important! (I think?) In the cinematics, well just the opening because the others ones bug, the audios and subtitles work perfectly but the music stutters, then when I enter adventure mode it laggs awfully and when the match starts it doesn't work, there's no music, then the cinematics don't have audio or subtitles at all and the only sound working are the sfx.
port audio will work, but you have to tick "exclusive mode" in its settings for some reason.
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