Jak X booting cheat won't load
Hi everyone!

So I'm currently trying to play Jak X and I'm aware that I need this cheat for that.

But when I try to boot the game from an ISO file burned with ImgBurn (slow/quick boot there's no difference) the only thing I can get is a blank screen.

I have the PAL version, so I've downloaded the DF659E77.pnach file into cheats_ws folder, but every time pcsx2's log returns "Overall 0 cheats loaded".

I tried to change the folder's name from "cheat_ws" to "cheat" but that didn't help.

Someone has any ideas?



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did you click enable cheats in system.
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Damn, there was something I forgot to write. Yes, they're enabled.
Open you Pnach file with Notepad and post the text from it
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wait a second: "cheat_ws" to "cheat"

that isn't the right name, you have to add a "s", "cheats_ws" / "cheats"
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LOL.. well there's a thing. Looks like we all missed that.
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