Jak and Daxter Configuration question
I am having trouble running Jak and Daxter the precursor legacy I have an iso of the game and whenever i try and run the game or execute it pcsx2 freezes on me. I have plyed other games such as Kingdom Hearts 2 on the configuration i have now.

The configuration i have is
Graphics : gsdx 890 (mscv 15.00, sse41) 0.1.14
Sound : ZeroSPU2 r514-Dev 0.4.6
Cdvdrom : Linuz Iso CDVD 0.8.0

and i also have the correct bios
the pcsx2 version i have the 0.9.6

is there something i am doin wrong?

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first, update your pcsx2 to its latest beta and try again.
if it still crashes, please post the console log that you get when it does.
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ok i updated to the beta and followed the online configuration guide the game starts up but the fps is at about 30 fps and lower what should i do to make it run faster?
Get a faster PC maybe?

You didn't post your PC specs or PCSX2 settings so it's difficult to help like that.
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