Jak and Daxter - PCSX2_VM.ini
Hey there, I have a low spec computer but I have completed some games such as Clock Tower 3 and Maximo.  I say that so I know it's not all a lost cause.  I recently discovered that if you edit the max framerate (PAL for me) in the VM.ini, it can have different effects on certain games.  For example, if I change the framerate to 10.00 and try to play Jak and Daxter, it still runs at 50 by using a frameskip method (not pressing Tab, so no Turbo), obviously at 10 it's very heavily skipping around, but it's best for test purposes.  Now, if I try Tekken Tag with the same setup, it runs at exactly 10FPS but doesn't skip any frames, instead it resorts to going into a very slow motion type of play.

Before modifying the VM.ini, I played Jak and Daxter and noticed that I can only run the game at around 40 (instead of 50) FPS which runs a little slower than usual.  After modifying the VM.ini to say the max PAL framerate is 35, it plays at full speed, just using a type of frame skip and it's perfectly playable.

My question is, is there anyway to force Tekken Tag (and other games) to work the same way?  Instead of going into slow motion, it just pretends like 35 FPS is the max and plays at 50FPS speed?  I also wonder why the exact same setup causes two different outcomes, but if that's how this all works then hey, better than nothing, I can still play Jak and Daxter.  Laugh

TLDR; Modifying the VM.ini to say the PAL's max framerate is 35 causes Jak and Daxter to run at 50 by skipping frames.  Using the same method, Tekken uses slow-down and renders every single frame at 35.  I'd like to understand more?

Thank you.

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