Jak and daxter the lost frontier shadows problem
I'm running windows 7 professional 64 bit with 12GB ram, i7-3700 3.4 Ghz cpu, graphics card is nvidia GeForce gtx 750 Ti.  PCSX2 version is 1.5.0-20160723155837.  (git)  
Most settings are default.  EE and VU sliders are both at 0, MTVU speedhack is enabled. Game fixes are disabled(both manual and automatic ones are not turned on).  Graphics settings is set to default adapter, renderer is set to D3D11 HW.  Interlacing is set to weave bff saw tooth.  Internal resolution is set to native.  Texture filtering is set to bilinear ps2.  Anisotropic filtering is set to off.  CRC hack level is set to Full (Safest).

The problem i'm running into is larger shadows(no issue with small ones) seem to flicker when moving.  A good example is in the landing bay after you get done with your first ship battle early in the game.  I was wondering if there was some setting I should change to try to fix this problem?

Forgot to mention the graphics plug is gsdxx32 AVX 1.1.0
Forgot to mention i'm using the US version of the game.

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I think the OpenGL renderer handles Jak shadows better than the DX11 renderer... might want to give that a go and see if it helps.
Okay i updated to the latest git build and tried opengl hardware mode. Same problem occurs. I tried fiddling with the blending unit accuracy as well, didn't seem to help. I tried blending unit set to none, basic, high, full, and ultra restarting the emulator each time, none of those seemed to help.
Try using OpenGL with CRC set to partial and blending >=basic
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Nope that doesn't help either. Well its something i can just try to ignore i guess, not that many shadows are large, therefore most of them aren't affected.
I did something for some shadows (need crc + first level of blending). But initial issue wasn't flickering. I'm afraid it is again an issue with the texture cache.
I'm not too far into the game yet, but so far only the ship in its landing bay area seems to have issues so far, haven't noticed problems with any other shadows as of yet. Flickering was the best way i could think to describe the issue, not really sure how else to word it. But basically the problem only occurs in that one room and only when i'm actually moving around in it. While in motion, at some angles the shadow will disappear for maybe a half second then reappear, seems like at other angles in the room there it works just fine.
You could always try Auto Flush hack.

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