Joypad vibration wont work
vibration wont work in my games, and in every game i checked in options if its enabled and it is, i tested it in control panel and it works, what is the problem?

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Does the game support vibration? (Especially in the scenes where you have tested it so far)

Which joypad do you have? Does it run natively or with some wrapper on windows?

Which version of pcsx2 and which controller plugin do you use?
Game supports (i turned it on in game settings)

i have game bird joypad dual shock, i think it runs natively

pcsx2 1.2.1 and plugin is Lilypad svn (r5822) 0.11.0
You have to add both Big and Small Motor under "Add Force Feedback Effect" in LilyPad Settings.
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tny, it works now

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