Joystick doesn't work anymore!
Hello (again)
Yesterday i was playing, and all seems work fine, joystick had a perfect response ecc. I use Twin USB Joystick drivers for the USB Adapter for PS2 Controller
Today i started the emulator as i started yesterday, but i got no response from the joypad. I've tried to reset configuration, reassign commands through lilypad (their also assigned!) and i don't know what to do. Any solutions?

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I recently bought a ps2 look a-like gaming controller called vilros retro gaming controller. when I go into the button configurations and I am configuring them, I press the square or triangle, circle, cross button and input it. no problem there but when I press any of the right analog buttons to configure them and they are read as square, triangle, circle, cross. Like it changes the previous settings I had for square ect into the analog buttons help!

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