Joysticks mapped with D-Pad or Shapes
I just purchased a Tomee USB PS3 controller to use with PCSX2 v 0.9.8. While assigning the buttons I found that whenever I assigned the Right Joystick, the square,cross,circle,triangle buttons would get overwritten. The same goes for the left joystick and the d-pad buttons.

I tried all of the input methods, and they all behave the same way. Further, when I hit "Test Device" under Device Diagnostics, I find that pushing either Square or the Left Joystick will trigger "Button 3".

My question is, is this a quirk in Lillypad or does this cheapo-controller reuse buttons? If this is the case I'd like to know quickly so I can get an RMA for it. Would I be better off getting a PS2-USB converter instead of a USB controller?

Here's everything I could find out myself:

-Device Manager Info-
device name: HID-compliant game controller
device driver: Microsoft v6.1.7601.17514

-Lilly Pad Info-
device name: DX generic USB Joystick
device buttons:
Z rotation
Z rotation +
Z rotation -
Z axis
Z axis +
Z axis -
Z axis (these are on the list twice, not a typo)
Z axis +
Z axis -
Hat Switch
Hat Switch N
Hat Switch S
Hat Switch E
Hat Switch W
Button 0
Button 1
Button 2
Button 3
Button 4
Button 5
Button 6
Button 7
Button 8
Button 9
Button 10
Button 11

-device info-
device manufacturer: tomee


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What's your Lilypad settings?

Try unticking the options in "game device apis" and see if only one of them works correctly.
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I have same problem dude Sad
if u got something let me know thanks

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