Just a curiosity to fullfill...
hi Smile,

just finishing in building my new pc (E8400@4ghz) and the first thing ive installed is pcsx2 Smile.
since im waiting for a shipment with the new graphic card (a fresh 4890 Toxic) im trying some games with my old card, a 7300gs.

is it normal to get slow fps on heavy games like gt4? (getting no more than 40 fps)

if so, i have to assume the "cpu/gpu" ratio is working here, but the gpu gets more relevance in heavier games than it does in liter ones (like ffantasy etc.).

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Yeah, the 7300 is ollllllllllld. Just wait for your new one, and enjoy Laugh
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yeah your 7300gs is limiting you.

a 4ghz c2d should get at least 60fps in gt4 (when the gpu isn't limiting it)
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It really depends on how the game was programmed, it's not so much that "flashier" games guarantee a GPU bottleneck. First, when the game runs check at the top of the window. If it says "CPU 99%" or close to it, then you know the GPU is the issue. You can try running the game at native res or turning on "8-bit textures". See if that gets you anywhere till your new card comes in.

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during 3d sequences the cpu is indeed steady on 99%.
not only, the game goes the same speed in software mode, and its even nicer to see ^_^

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