Just a question on KH2FM+
I'm clocked at 1.80GHz I have Dual Core and Intel® Pentium® How well do you think KH2FM+ will run on the newest rev when i compile it? I heard there were no more glitches and random FPS drops so it should run faster too?

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Fontil. Well, you run on a dual core, while my 1.83GHz computer is single core, personally *And if you want I have KH2, but not FM+* I could test it out for you with my computer and see how it runs, on your computer it should run moderate at a 25ish frames per second, and if you wish to follow my guide to the bone, you PROBABLY should get atleast 30 FPS Fluent on your computer or more. So feel free to try out my guide, give feed back and hopefully it'll work for you

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Ahh~ Okay thank you, I'd appretiate if you try it and I'll use your guide ;D
Need to overclock my computer o-o

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