Just a quick question about SSE2/SSE3/SSE4
I was just wondering what would be the better plugin for me, I'm currently

i5 3570k @ 3.4ghz
G.skill sniper 4gb at 1600
and HD6790.

Almost all games in my library are working pretty well, but i have read changing the plugin and enabling a few hacks here and there would give me a speed boost.

(since xD i'm still having a hard time running Xenosaga 3 (i get fps drops whenever my "gear" activates anima skill)

Thank you

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sse4 should work properly with your rig.
and yes, xenosaga 3 is very demanding.

Enable all recommended speedhacks (especially MTVU hack) and set ee cycle rate to 1
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thanks for that Smile~
You could use the AVX version of GSDX if you wanted to, however itll be no faster than SSE4 unless you are using the software renderer.
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Any difference between SSE4.1 vs 4.2?
One of them is merely a subset with only a small handfull of commands made by amd which is useless for emulation and gsdx doesn'tzsw support it Tongue2

Edit: sorry, was thinking of 4a, but 4.2 is again a small subset, 4.1 is the most useful
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Problems with the Anima Awakening of the E.S.s? That's strange... My laptop (Asus G53SW-SZ114V) was able to run the whole game fullspeed at 2x Native. Just some little graphic bugs with some cutscenes in which i used Software Mode to see them properly.

Like jesalvein said, use MTVU Hack.

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