Just a simple question
Well I am pretty new to this Laugh

Anyways the question was to run NTSC US games I would need a US bios right?

I tried to run a NTSC US game using PAL bios and to me the obvious answer I came up with was: your an idiot of course it wouldn't work like that.

So pretty much I'm here just to ask and confirm that, to play a NTSC US cd/dvd PS2 game I need US BIOS?

(I tried forum searching along the lines of NTSC US bios, in hopes of finding a thread about it and couldn't find one. Also I am not asking for bios.)

OH! And a question about dumping ps2 bios~
If I dump my PS2 bios either LAN or USB methods, would that make my PS2 inoperable? Or would I be able to continue using my PS2, and have the ability to use PCXS2 emulator?

Thanks for your time Biggrin

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I'm pretty sure you can play pal games and ntsc games no matter what bios you have, preferably you want to have the newest possible one you can get your hands on. I'm currently using v.02.00 and I can play both ntsc and pal games. But remember Europe bios are games that feature SLES in it's name, and USA bios are games that feature SLUS in it's name. As far was dumping your bios and being able to play your ps2, of course you can, dumping your bios is just basically copying it you wont actually be deleting anything.

Someone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong in anything...as I am fairly new to the whole emu scene..
you're supposed to dump you're own bios, and yes your ps2 will still work after dumping the bios.
you're basically just making a backup of the data, not removing it Tongue2

and pal/ntcs games all work with the same bios. PCSX2 is region-free, unlike the real ps2.

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